Tax Prepration

accoutning firmsWe provide all types of tax return preparation for businesses and individuals. Our service is fast and reliable, and you can get the return within 24 hours. Sending documents to our office can be done by e-mail, by regular mail or we can arrange pick up from your location. Need an extension? We can help with that and also take care of your tax payments to avoid penalties. Last but not least we prepare tax returns for all fifty states, and we do combined and consolidated returns as well. Our services include: tax returns preparation, preparing business tax returns like IRS form 1120 and IRS form 1065, preparing individual tax return, IRS form 1040; Estate and Trust tax preparation, IRS form 1041; preparing gift tax return IRS form 709; preparing tax return for nonprofit organizations, IRS form 990 and preparing tax returns for private foundations; multi state returns, consolidate with domestic entities and /or international entities.