Nonprofit and Private Foundation Accountaning

Our accounting office is suitable to work with nonprofit organizations and private foundations.
If you want to start a new organization, we form the entity for you. When you choose your organization to be a nonprofit public charity, we apply for the 501C3 exempt status along with registering your organization with all other required agencies. However, receiving the 501C3 exempt status is just the beginning of a new challenge. This is the challenge of keeping and maintaining the 501C3 exempt status. In order to keep the exempt status, the organization need to comply with legal requirements pertaining to financial reporting and filing. We help you to comply with the law when it comes to file annual tax return and financial reports. We file form 990 and 990 EZ and we will make sure you will keep the exempt status that you worked so hard to obtain for your organization.

With ACTAX-CPA maintaining the exempt status is an easy task. We take the burden and do the work for you, so you can focus on the goals and the charitable activities of your organization.