Accounting for Entertainment Industry

ACTAX-CPA is accounting office that specializes in the entertainment industry. Our accountants and CPA are knowledgeable about the tax shelters that are available to businesses and individuals from the film and the entertainment industry. We have the experience accountant to work with film production companies, producers and directors, directors of photography, actors and actress, talent agencies, celebrity’s promoters, musicians, other artists  and beauty salon. Many times working with clients from the entertainment industry requires understanding the tax law that pertains to trusts, nonprofit and private foundation. It could also require understanding the tax consequences of special circumstances like residing and working in foreign country part or full time. In other words, entertainment businesses and individuals are often in a position to need a CPA accountant that can handle complex strategic tax planning.  Our accounting office is suitable to handle the complexity when it comes to entertainment industry tax benefits with international accounting and taxation; accounting and tax preparation for trust, nonprofit and private foundation along with tax planning that integrate these entities.