Our Services

ACTAX-CPA, INC – Tax & Accounting Services. We work with entrepreneurs and new business owners as well as with ongoing businesses to achieve peace of mind when it comes to keeping their books and meeting tax compliance deadlines. Our expert tax planning services help our clients to make strategic plans to minimize tax exposure.
We file forms 1116 for foreign tax credit and file form 2555 for income exclusion. We prepare trust tax returns and file form 1041. If you like to work from long distance we work as online business accountant for all accounting services.  We also work with nonprofit organizations, prepare tax returns for nonprofit, provide bookkeeping services and file application for exempt status like 501c3 and others. See tax services for more details.
When it comes to bookkeeping, we team up with you or your employees and provide training and/or advice for keeping the organization’s books properly. If you prefer to outsource the accounting job, we undertake all the work, whichever is more convenient for you.

We work with clients from several industries and we specialize in the entertainment industry. Among our clients are actor and actress, film producers and directors, talent agencies, promoters, musicians, writers, other artists and beauty salon. We also work with small businesses like online retailers, real-estate owners and agents, local stores, and service providers.