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accoutning firmsEvery accountant, tax attorney and tax consultant need to keep up with news and regulations in accounting and tax profession of the US tax law. This page is also helpful to our clients and colleagues who want to know what is new in tax and reporting requirement, as well as getting any tips for tax planning.

We get information from source documents as IRS releases, west law database and professional publications which are based on membership.

We post latest news in accounting and tax that are matters to our community.  We select the subject of the posting based on what we believe is of interest to the majority of our audience. You can find recent court decisions and new IRS requirements and regulations.  Scroll down on the right bar to find the latest news which is in interest to you.

We recently post news about a court decision regarding research credit and IRS new release about Education Saving Account, (ESA). You can also find several government acts for tax relief for the tax years 2010-2012.

Some of the news are open to discussion in the blog page, the blog page is organized buy month of release or by subject.

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