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ACTax–CPA, Inc is a full service accounting and tax specialist firm for mid-size to small-size businesses and high net worth individuals. We provide our clients with speciliast accounting and tax services along with professional business tax counsel, financial management consulting and a variety of business support services. We prepare and file tax returns for businesses and individuals as well as prepare and defend tax audits. Our tax resolution department provides expert tax resolution services for those who wish to settle tax debts with the IRS.

accoutning firmsWe can help with city tax and business licenses, sales tax and payroll tax filing. As a solution to organize your financial records, we help with bookkeeping and financial, business management services. We have discount fees for business ventures and entrepreneurs. We offer a one-hour free consultation with no obligation, so do not hesitate to call us. If you prefer online communication please contact us to get a quote. To get our brochure and catalog please call to 310-775-0297.